I help people to realise their true power by being part of a collective group called humanity, where there is no rejection or fear, but integration, self-responsibility, and awareness.
Coming from Art, Pedagogy, Drama and a Holistic background, I integrate Life Coaching and Life Alignment to release any obstacles, for raising consciousness, reconnect and heal people and the environment.


I work with all aspects of life, employing different systems to recover your inner state of wellbeing. This represents the foundation for a healthy life style and optimum reflection in your environment.
Health is not just taking care of your diet and your physical body. It is also a healthy mind and attitude towards life.
There are certain patterns which have been implanted in your subconscious, as limited beliefs of who you are and the reality you live in, that blocks the expansion of your being towards reaching your highest potential.
These beliefs come from past experiences or have been adopted from your family and society. They are not real, but because you believe that they are true, they keep you stuck towards a higher understanding.
They create disruptions in your energy flow and sometimes appear blockages that can lead to illnesses in the body or problems in your psyche.
Here appear the problems. If you want to heal them, you have to face them with an intention of self-understanding.
With self-understanding, I mean that we cannot blame others for our problems.
About problems, instead of using this word I prefer to call them as lack of visibility of possible solutions. This happens when your mind is lost because a lack of connection with who you really are.
Here is where my job steps in. I am not going to solve your problems, but I can facilitate the process of self-understanding by following your inner guidance.
Your external reality is a reflection of your inner state of being, which means that you are the creator of your own experience.
I won’t interfere in your decisions or tell you what’s best to do. But instead, I guide you to your inner-self, which knows everything about you and what’s convenient every moment of your life.
As a response of this, a harmonious energy flow occurs in your physical body manifesting as health. An empowered vision of yourself, a positive attitude towards achieving your goals and the reality you live in, which adapts your projection. Your inner light shines to the world.

Raquel Ríos

For more information follow this website links below or you can contact her through here:



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