Sweet tooth makes you dull and age fast too

There is a general cause that is causing a lot of trouble to so many people:

Sugar craves aren’t healthy. Many people believe that it is necessary for the normal function of the human body, but they dismiss the fact that fruit and vegetables have already those amounts your body needs. Increasing the amount more than what’s necessary it leads to being out of balance, and your body suffers somehow.

I had sugar addiction for almost all my life until I got rid of it immediately in one healing session that Adrian did on me. It was a sensitivity balance using Life Alignment, I would never imagine what it’s going to happen, didn’t expect anything and it happened the best: I couldn’t have any more sugar as I totally disliked it!

If I could do it, you can do it.

Since then, I have seen this positive result in so many people already, with an increase in vitality, better mood and performance, glowing and radiant skin, more alkalinity and improving health overall.

Check this video for some advice and information about how sugar affects your body and the way to solve this issue…



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