There are a few factors to consider in regards to maintaining a healthy body. We all know the importance of a positive attitude and how it affects our physical bodies. But what about those aspects that are out of your own control, let’s say environmental factors such as electromagnetic radiation, viruses, negative influence by media in society… Again we could say that a positive approach would help. If you believe that those external influences can’t interfere in your positive state of mind, you are right to a certain extent. You can become immune and strong enough to cope and not let that affect you.

What about all the people around you that are in some way being very conditioned and affected from radiation, viruses and negative influences? Seems that they cannot understand you when you try to explain the power of the mind, in some ways it doesn’t help them the same way as it does for you. Does this mean that they are not strong or smart enough?

We are not going to classify this under judgments or a scale that can’t be measured. There is no one better than you the same as there is no one worse than you. It’s just up to the individual (or generic in some cases) point of view. What does benefit you might not benefit another person. Why is that? It is because we are all different, unique, and the same. This similarity that makes everyone the same is the fact that whatever you choose for you, for your highest good, it helps everyone at the same time. What is that choice, that you can make, that is so good?

You can choose what you want.
Treating everyone the same way as you would like to be treated: with respect, harmony and love. A self-understanding is required, knowing that there are as many different perspectives as people on this planet, we all share one in common: a limited spectrum of seeing reality.
There is so much to learn and experience that without an open mind it would be impossible. Open your eyes to see the unseen, your ears to listen the unheard, and your heart to feel what cannot be perceived without being present when people need you the most. This creates the perception of the unlimited harmony that sustains the universe, your body and your health.


By Raquel Rios



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