The big scale governs the small. Due to the cosmic laws, each individual is under planetary influences.

How does the full moon affect people?

It is well known that the tide of the sea is being governed by the moon, but not just that, but all the Water Cycle of the Hydrosphere through its gravitational pull.

Everything is run by cycles: The earth spins around the sun and rotates by itself allowing the experience of day and night, light and dark.
There is also a moon cycle affecting women cycles, but not just that, but also men and animals have hormonal cycles.

The moon affects the germination and growth of plants. At a small scale, we can observe how the moon allows growth on biological life. From a holistic perspective, the human growth and development must be not just physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual.


How can you get the best from the full moon effect?

When the moon is in its full phase, the ionosphere is more charged by light radiation and positive ions are more abundant. The energy field increases affecting each individual wellbeing.

Many people suffer from emotional breakdowns during this period, but many others benefit to its full potential.
Depending on which influences you are tapping into, it can affect you for good or for bad.


The moon is beautiful, plus illuminates earth at night. In return, you can choose to appreciate it and be grateful.
It is always your approach to every situation what directs you to different possibilities. Your present attitude always marks your destiny.
Tune into the positive spectrum by watching this video:



By Raquel Rios.


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