Do you have enough time to do what you want to do?
Time can pass so quickly, it’s happening right now. So fast in fact, that you might not be aware of it. Not aware of where you want to be.

Where would you like to be right now?

Let’s go beyond time and explore this reality for what it is…

Time is a mental construct that allows you to experience this life from beginning to end. With time lapses sometimes. You progress, grow, and move on constantly. It is not possible to get stuck or stop the flow, this would be a mental illusion as you are constantly moving and changing.

Time doesn’t wait for you and your body does the same; ticking away the cycles of the earth, your body clock, your daily routines attached to belief systems. The illusion of time creates a reality that has meaning beyond your mind.

The mind is a complex mechanism of thoughts, memories, creativity and imagination.
Can you imagine being in a reality without any sense of time, being in a timelessness world and having the right conditions to employ your potential in a way that you haven’t experienced before?

That’s another illusion of the time frame, as what was before, it would never happen again, or it can keep repeating in similar ways.

Your time to experience your life to your full potential is only now, at this present moment. There is no waiting for your potential, as you already have it. It exists within you, not beyond you.

Life goes by one minute at a time… But no rush, just keep calm, go within and listen… Try this:
Take a deep breath and relax. Listen to the sound of your surroundings, feel your feet on the ground. Be present and let time and thoughts pass through you and around you, do nothing, just sit or stand, clear your mind and observe…

Regardless of how long you have been there. New ideas, insights, and wisdom arise to help you in this present moment.

When you enter into different states of consciousness, through sleep, meditation or daydreaming, you are being creative in your mind and accessing parts of your potential. Time passes by quick. You don’t notice the time. The time spent there is not conscious in this time frame.

When you sleep, you can remember dreams within such a short space of ‘time’. Some dreams are lost for a short while. But you have more dreams that you can remember, stood in more places and did more things that you can imagine.

Where did all of that go? Did it go from your memory or travel to another space or time?

There is only now, and from here you can be anywhere at any one time.

Only when your daily conscious mind is shut down, when you switch off from the world around you; when you forget about what you have been told and you start to listen your inner thoughts: Your inner-tuition (intuition), you listen to your inner guidance. Here is where creativity flows. Where ideas and excitement flow through you. You find your point. You explore your true potential and you start gaining the answers to your own questions. You manifest easily and once you catch hold of that endless thread of energy, it will forever weave your path of purpose in this moment, your point in time where you reside.



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