What do you need that you haven’t got it yet? Can you describe it?

Take a moment to think about it, and write it down. Use today’s date.

Listen to your inner guidance while you are reading this text.
What have you been doing to achieve this state or position where you are at the moment?

Are you grateful for what you have done? Are you happy with the results?

Now is the time to step a little further, and listen to your point…

What is the thing that you are missing more? Is it something that you have got rid of, or been taking away from you? Or is it something new that you never experienced yet?

In any case, if you are not having it at the present, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t got it. It’s still there, somewhere. But you are not having it close to you in your physical manifestation. To be aware of this, get out of your daily life, and focus on your most projecting thoughts. Are you exploring new ideas? Repeating same ones day after day? What occupies your mind most of the time?

This is what you are creating constantly, your thoughts and emotions are giving life to your daily experiences.
If you want to change because you feel that you are missing something, or that you need it: start by stop complaining or focusing on your lack of it; even in the thought that you want that because the emotion of wanting and needing is related to a fake expectation. Being attached to any particular outcome stops the process of having what you desire. But if you listen to your inner guidance, from your heart, you will notice that there is nothing out there that is not already within yourself. The emotions and feelings that cause you having what you want, already are in your experience; and you can have it right now by being grateful for no reason, or by the fact of simply being alive, enjoying and appreciating your present situation, being happy with yourself no matter whatever else you prefer. When you rely on your inner feelings to be the way you want, it is much easier to produce that outcome that you love, because you are the creator and all is there for you to manifest. All it requires is you tuning into that frequency, resonate at that level of what you want to attract into your life. Like attracts like, be what you want to have, to do or to be, it’s only up to you and no one else. Everyone and everything else will adapt to the frequency that you resonate with, and you will attract your most wonderful desires.
There is no need or lack of. You have it all, just choose what you want.


PS: Regards to the image, with respect to all religions and beliefs that without you cannot exist


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