Fear invades the land of those who seek for external guidance. The truth is out there always, but must be found within yourself to be real.
Allowing yourself to feel guilty it doesn’t help, as you are nothing more that a previous preconception of what’s unreal. Because only love is real.

And love is something everyone looks for, it can be outside or internally. The fact is that love is the thing that unites everything. When you separate yourself from the source, you become very limited, uncomfortable with negative emotions that lead to fear.

And fear is the other side of the same spectrum. Light and shadow is part of the same cosmic order. When you are in the light you see clear, when in the shadow you fear of the unseen. The way to not feel the fear is by trust, that even if you can’t see, on the other side there is light. Fear was a lie, based on truth expectations which were not real. Only you are real, only love is light. There is no fear when you are the light, the sunshine in your life.


By Raquel Rios


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