How much to love when you are not being loved?

Loving too much isn’t enough. Loving too little isn’t complete. How much to love when you are not being loved? Your heart breaks again and again, and you haven’t realised yet, that all you give is what you are not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be broken. A real love never breaks. Only fake imitations do, fake realities based on fear or lack of. What you don’t have inside, you can’t share. It must be created first.

How much love can you give away? you would not be able to give it if you are not being yourself. Only when you achieve that state of being completely and fully yourself, you can experience what is to be in love again. And love is not out there, it is inside your chest. Open your heart more often to the living reality you are at, and see what is around for what really it is. A spectrum of mediocrity based on previous beliefs and interferences. Leave them behind and recognise that you are all you need. There is no one like you because you are the one, the main creator, and all your love can be shared over and over until you have enough already of what there is there, that you don’t need to receive or be accepted; it doesn’t matter when you are a full heart, doesn’t need to be filled up from outside. You generate and radiate all your light, and become the sun of your life.

Be exactly the way you are and enjoy this time, of a glooming hurt, becoming one with the creation. Nothing hurts when you are the love that we all share. And this must be one to continue and spread, all is connected and so you are fully filled. Be yourself, again and again, the power is your heart that brings accomplishment to all your environment and nature. Discover your gift, love yourself and all is well.


By Raquel Rios


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