Have you wondered how your thought process leads you to the life you want?

In the past, you may have created a continuation of progressive positive thoughts and now you are living exactly how you choose to.
Happy thoughts lead you to happy moments, to enjoy life to its most.

When you encounter yourself following your inner guidance, aligned with your heart’s desires, you discover that there is so much to enjoy and live in the present moment. The future will continue with the next steps that you are making now:

1. Be grateful. Acceptance of where and how you are. You have created the reality you are at.What is the point of spending your precious time on earth complaining or justifying the reasons why you don’t have what you want or you are not the way you would like to be? You position yourself each time. Your level of awareness raises up when you believe that all is for a reason and this reason is for you to enjoy life.

2.  You cannot blame others for your past circumstances or present state as each person is responsible for itself and whatever you or they have done in the past, is passed and is done. There is no turnaround, but you can let it go and move on, or turn your perspective by seeing the positive side, what good brought you, even if is a lesson to learn, first must forgive yourself.

3. Accept that everything is fine, is just an opinion, a point of view or perspective. You can choose what tune into, positive or negative is up to you.
Positivity generates more happiness because you resonate at a higher frequency, awareness and love. Self-care and mind control is a tool to use for your wellbeing to be superior from before.

4. Recognise each step as the sequence of leading towards a paradise, on earth, here and now. Don’t wait for the time to come, as the only time is now. The future is a prolongation of the present. Live to enjoy at any moment starting now, it will continue if you decide to, each moment of your life. 

You can choose wisely which STEPS to follow: the ones that are coming and designed from your highest wishes.

You are the owner of your own experience. Enjoy this moment of self-expression based on unconditional love that you share with the world. 

By Raquel Rios


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