Indecisive people have a power that is beyond limits, same as everyone…
Why don’t you know what you want?

Because is through choices that matter… Matter gets presented in a form that looks unrealistic as if you were not in charge of its creation.
You forgot that everything is a reflection of the inner being and a lot of choices are to be made on the way to self-discovery.
What is the best choice to make? If you don’t know, probably you might look for external guidance forgetting to contact your inner knowing, the light from within…

All that is required to get confidence, assertiveness and accuracy is self-trust; this is why I don’t believe in a God but I believe in people. There is not an external source putting on you impositions, the same as there is not a written destiny without you being the main creator.


The master of your life is yourself, be that person that you want to be. Know yourself better, it is inside you.

By Raquel Rios.





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