It is possible to reach high states of consciousness naturally by using your body and mind as tools for it, without medication, plants, drugs or any external stimulation.

Many people believe that they need a substance to have those experiences.
It is true that those chemical reactions in your brain affect your state of consciousness, same as the placebo effect does. If you believe that is possible, you will experience it, remember that you are the creator of your own reality.

There are many ways for you to achieve these states called “enlightenment” or “getting high”, it is just up to you. Your choices, vibration, personality and way of thinking determines how can you describe it.

In my own experience (same as many people I have met in my life) it happens very naturally, even as a kind of way of living. It’s a natural state which young kids participate without being prepared or trained for.

If you find this difficult to experience and are open to wonder what this bring for you, I could suggest something very useful:
Use a meditative state of mind. Let the imagination fly and let the flow come to you. You cannot force it, only allow yourself to become part of the experience of being self-aware and protected by your imagination, which doesn’t come from your mind or thoughts but from a higher field that connects everything, a bigger spectrum which you belong to, that it is you too, but from a higher perspective or reality, where you can understand everything you experience with more clarity and accuracy. Straight to the point, you belong to nature and everything else belongs to you as well…

By Raquel.


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