Enter the self – Be the change

differentiate between our minds and who we truly are… We are not what we think we are


Life is change, a constant state of flux and energy, ebb and flow. Things are always in motion – from every cell in our bodies, to the rivers, mountains, this planet we inhabit and beyond, nothing remains the same – despite what our minds so often tell us.

But what can we learn from this universal truth? And how can it help us live our lives more fully and freely?

Well I am just a student of this game called life but I have found that the moment you realise that nothing remains the same, you open the door to your greater self, the universal self that lives in this very moment and is always with us, because it is us.

This self becomes obscured by the illusion of time and the needless thoughts that our mind thinks, like a runaway train spilling fumes of fear and discontent all around us.

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