Self-love – the beginning and the end

We are all in search of acceptance and validation. Ever since we were children we would seek the inclusion of others and the respect of our peers.

It is a natural human desire to be part of something that we perceive to be greater than our individual selves.

There is nothing wrong with being in a group that makes you feel good and encourages social interactions which increase your confidence and wellbeing. This type of connection is positive and to be encouraged.

It is part of the human condition to crave relationships, to want to share our experiences with loved one’s and find a partner that understands us and makes us feel happy.

But what if we come to depend on others to make us feel good, to make us feel whole?

In our search to fill this space within us, we often neglect the most fundamental and important relationship we can ever have – The relationship that we have with ourselves.

Every external relationship that we have is a reflection of the connection that we create with ourselves. So if we feel that we are lacking in something and try to fulfil this by seeking the approval or love of someone other than ourselves, we are caught in a perpetual cycle of “not being good enough” and create connections that may appear to bring happiness but are ultimately superficial and unsustainable.

The greatest gift you can give to this world and those in your life is to love yourself unconditionally. It is not about ego or any other mind created construct, it is about knowing that you are good enough in the here and now. It is about developing a conscious and positive dialogue with yourself and realising that the most important belief is the one that you have of yourself.

In a world where we are constantly being manipulated into seeking things that will make us “better”, make it a practice to find time for yourself and cultivate an atmosphere of self-acceptance, gratitude and loving kindness for who you are.

This is the beginning and the end – Because every external relationship that you have will be definitively influenced by self-love.

By Luke Cy

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