Reconnection with inner energies

Thoughts from encountering with Life Alignment healing practice


Reconnection with inner energies

At the very centre of the heart, there is a voice that keeps on guiding us.
The heart talks to us constantly, it always accompanies this self we happen to be.
We are already connected with all what surrounds and envelops us.

In the world of distinctions, we are used to think in terms of inside|outside.
We see, literally, the inside as separated from the outside, the outside as distinguished from the inside.
We reason in terms of duality of dimensions.

The heart already knows that inside and outside are the same, like a single transparent drop of morning dew.
From the place of the heart, we can look through this morning dew drop: the veil of distinctions becomes transparent.
The world of human beings is like this watery silver drop: frail in shape, destined to melt with the sunrise sun.

Yet, we can enjoy the brilliance of this transparency of light.
The voice of the heart reminds us, constantly, of this fundamental state of joy.
Heart murmurs: ‘you are deeply, deeply loved’.

-There is already light. Unconditionally.


Sometimes, it happens that we cannot listen to the voice of the heart.
So, we think the heart has stopped talking to us and we fall in despair, we feel abandoned.
It is not that the heart stops talking to us, -it never does-, is that we are pressing our hands against our ears, many times without even realizing it. Thus, we are not listening to the voice of the heart.

The heart needs silence to be clearly heard, the heart needs openness to be perceived.

We need to open to the heart, to abandon ourselves to our heart, that means surrendering to the forces of life, to be in resonance with the universe.
As the universe contains the heart as much as the heart contains the universe.

In this state of abandon, we do not need any more to burn our energies in the struggle: acceptance feels like joyfulness, flowing is a natural way of being, creation is an always springing source, love is already there, present.

We see through the morning dew drop, its outside shape, its inner consistency.
We are the sunshine that will melt the dew away.
We are multiple multiplying echoes of inner ecstasy.
Empty vase, we receive. Receiving, we create.

And creating is nothing more than a reconnection to inner and transcendent forces of unconditional love.

And gratefulness becomes prayer.


By Signa Schiavo-Campo.





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