healing experience

The best way to understand Life Alignment is to try it on our skin. There is a complexity in this healing practice that cannot be understood just by the rational mind. We can ask to the body to help us, and we will assist with wonder to the transformation of our perceptions, emotions and sensations. Words cannot say clearly what it means, how it feels, when a chakra opens, for instance. The body, in its deep wisdom, understands. And we get surprised by the clarity of its understanding.

Life Alignment, moreover, helps us to trust this wisdom of the body through bringing us back to listen the inner parts of ourselves. This condition of listening allows us to reconnect with our power of intuition, with the life force that traverses us. And, traversed by this life force, we belong to the Everything. Thoughts and emotions limit us no more. We think, we feel, but in this dimension of traversing we are not attached anymore. We can flow, easily.

In one sense, Life Alignment does a very simple thing: it reconnects us with our inner energies. But this is the essential step to feel again the connection to life and universe. Feeling in the depths of our body this realization means healing. Wounds, then, can open in blooming flowers. Wounds transform in resources that becomes available to us, to accompany ourselves, to accompany other people. We discover, we become aware, of our own resources to go through, to traverse.

We might be longing for the moment in which pain will disappear for forever. We proceed along the way, we feel healed and in connection, then pain comes back and we are disappointed: ‘did I make any step further?’. We should not worry about that: the way we have done is with us and has nourished our hearts. Pain comes back and we just happen to feel. We should not be worried, we are human after all.

Nothing can bring us away from the awareness we have reached along the way. The way has nourished us and has brought resources, gifts to go through. And these resources remind us that pain will come and go. Just a cold stream of the shining river in which we are swimming. Thus, pain will flow away more easily. Or we will flow away from it more easily, with awareness and trust.

Life Alignment is a journey toward the discovery, or the remembering of, these inner healing resources. They are different for everyone, as each person is unique. That is why the Life Alignment healer cannot do the job for us: she/he cannot tell which are our resources from the outside. What she/he does is to accompany us in this process of exploration. And that is beautiful, feeling accompanied. Yet, we are left with the full responsibility of our research. It is a process of becoming autonomous concerning our own healing capacity. And this is fundamental because we cannot lean on others like the Heavens on Atlas’ shoulders in the Greek myth. We need to find our centre – what a magic process it is!

The Life Alignment healer behaves like a partera, a midwife: she/he is close and loving to us while we traverse the giving birth. In philosophy, this is called maieutic method from Socrates. Its effects are long lasting because we, not somebody in our place, are the key figure of the whole process. How does Life Alignment do that? The ways are multiple and varied in order to respond to the specificity of each situation. A common thing is that all those paths and tools involve and make emerge a more unconscious and intuitive part of ourselves. Asking us to be present and open to whatever the moment brings. And presence is a powerful way to activate healing.


A healer is someone who reconnects you to love when it is not possible for you to be loving toward yourself.

Not loving ourselves is not possible to heal.

Finding myself accompanied by Raquel through Life Alignment, I had the feeling I was just remembering something I already knew in my heart. Sometimes we need somebody to remind us what we already know. But it is important that this knowledge comes from our heart, to realize that it is not given externally. Thus, the healer does not become a guru. Otherwise we will always rely on somebody else to do something we are capable of doing. And we will forget that we have in our own self the potential and the ability of healing what we are longing to be healed.

A healer reminds us that we have all we need in order to heal.

It is an inner job, wavy and extraordinary.


About Raquel

Her not judging attitude and generosity of heart, her sensitivity and energetic power, make her a wonderful healer.

But first of all, she is a magic [human] being and I feel so grateful toward life to have allowed our encounter.

I wish you to have the same chance it has been given to me.


By Signa Schiavo-Campo


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