Your boundaries create a separation between you and other people, this may seem quite negative at first but in truth, you are never separate from anything. There are always influences which affect you and you are always affecting your environment.

Boundaries are for setting a limit that serves you as a protection, to not give too much, and to not allow others interfere in your own space without your permission.

When you allow others to interfere in your personal life, you give permission for them to think and act in a way that might not be as supportive as you would like it to be. They might think that they are helping you by imposing their thoughts and decisions in your life, but you can decide to take it or not, it is up to you always.

As a response, you can get confused with other people’s feelings instead of your own, this creates a cloud in your mind inhibiting you from seeing your path clearly. You start thinking that the answers are outside and you lose control, letting others guide you.

Getting back into your own personal space surrounded by your set of healthy boundaries, this helps you to think clearly, to see your path and to know what to do, because you are not getting confused anymore with other people’s thoughts or projections.

Here are 6 actions that can serve you to create your own healthy boundaries without rejecting others or insulating you in a cave:

1. Set up your goals by yourself, not allowing others to decide for you what to do or what is best. Only you decide what to do and what to think. No one can tell you what to do because you wouldn’t like it.

2. Be sure that what you do is what you like, positive thoughts lead to positive choices, obtaining a better outcome.

3. There is nothing to be afraid of when you are being honest with yourself, having a clear mind, you become more confident. If you want people to respect you, you should respect yourself first by living your truth.

4. Whatever you do, whatever you say, it’s up to you and no one else. Take responsibility for your actions without blaming anyone, including yourself.

5.  Spending time by yourself, to think, reflect and plan. Sometimes you can get lost because of spending a lot of time with others. You can create your own personal time and space so you won’t get confused with their minds.

6. Visualise, or if possible, visit nature, where there is no phone, no internet, no people… Just you and trees… Connect with your source of energy from within feeling the reason why you came to earth… Writing down your ideas of what to do in regards to your life… Clarity is coming from you…

To summarise, setting up your boundaries can be done easily by prioritising your self-care; Recognising your own mind in connection with yourself more often, with your intuition by being present. Being aware that the power is in yourself.

Galactic Rhythm

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