What life should be about if you were able to live your dreams?

Would you like to employ your time in difficult daily tasks that avoid your happiness? would you work in a job that keeps you busy but you cannot find any satisfaction? Just to cover your basic needs, without any time to enjoy your life?

A lot of people choose to live like this. The system has been created for you to take a job which employs people highly qualified, and turn into a competition more than a cooperation…
If living in a big city requires dedication to work on this way of living… It leads you to grow anyway, in a more or less painful or pleasant manner. You choose which one, as you always have the power to choose. And then you decide to carry on working to pay bills, or saving income, or giving up with all and living in the street…

What’s the point of all of this?

Have people forgot what is to live without any worries, and living for what we came for?

The plan was to enjoy, right?

Do you remember when you were a child, what you wanted to be as an adult?
Did you enjoy that vision of yourself? As freedom to choose what you wanted to be. Where is that enthusiasm? If is not there anymore, why not?

There is nothing wrong with having fun at work, having a the role you like to play as an adult.
Everyone is a kid inside, and this kid, can get bored or ignored with a daily adult task, that they forgot what life is about.

What is the point of working so hard, to pay the rent and things, if you don’t like your job?
If you think that all there is out there, you have seen it already, I can tell you that it is wrong.
You have seen almost nothing yet.
Your power to create is beyond any limits or situations. Your imagination is so powerful, that you forgot that it exist inside your head, by ignoring your inner child.
The motivation that creates your inner child attitude plus the imagination creates wonders and new experiences that you might not have seen before.
It is up to you what to choose to create, to think or to open your mind for. Your belief is the key. Believing in yourself more than in anything else; all is possible if you think is possible.

Your life is your dream. Dream your life, enjoy your dream. Live it every time of your existence, play with it. You can tell me that… I can tell you to BELIEVE.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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