How can you manifest prosperity and abundance in short-term, and immediately if possible?


Stay on your ground always, by not allowing fears to take over, or the illusion of being powerless. You are a creator and all you see is your creation.

Your beliefs get reflected outside and the life you see must be aligned with your heart desires. There is no lack of anything, only the experience of the inability to see. It’s all out there for you to pick up and choose, and to manifest into your reality. To attract yourself to the experience, it has to come from within.

Use your power of manifestation by having the communication aligned with your heart, not with fears. Be sure that all you communicate it comes from your truth, not from those beliefs that are just fake expectations or assumptions. Everyone can help you when you are aligned because they become aligned with you. Is all up to you, to your level of awareness.

Speaking one’s truth is being aligned, and attract positive exterior attitudes, as a reflection. No one is any better than any other. Each one is at just different positions in the same spectrum of reality.

You create your possibilities, to become true, you must believe in your truth, that is true. This is a truth. True. To find your truth, you become in alignment with who you are and find yourself creating possibilities. You need to be aware that the truth is inside, which gets reflected outside.

Believing in your world is to trust. To trust yourself and anything else, as it’s the same: your self-reflection. No rejection, but yes integration, of all. This brings more support, from everyone, from you. There is nothing wrong in the world, in people, in you. All is how it has to be for a reason, to discover each truth by itself, through different experiences in the same spectrum that we all share on this planet and time.

“When you believe in yourself everything becomes aligned”. The true power is in you. Use it in your best way. Enjoy the process of creation, of yourself, and your spectrum of possibilities.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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