What is beauty?
Are some people more or less beautiful than any other?
A place or thing more beautiful than other?

As you can imagine, it is up to your preferences, right?

What resides in your subconscious as approved or not, as better or worst, is what determines the quality of your thoughts, to live your life full of beauty, or lack of.

What you choose to be perceived as more beautiful, in a ranking scale, where ever did that idea come from? is this really you who is having that scale of judgment? or is this influence the result of your ancestors, family, education and society?

Media has a big importance on this subject, to determine what beauty is. Affecting millions of people for different purposes, not very rewarding for most. It is based on social approval, more than in accepting yourself for who you really are.

The choice is yours, what to believe, to live and experience. And what to see, on which way. The way you see your environment is a reflection of your inside preconception. Be the best of yourself, your best version, your original authentic being full of beauty in all senses.

And now I want to tell you this:

Nothing can compare
what you have inside

your power, your light
your truth, your love

All in and for the world.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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