We notice that people are starting to take more time to find inner peace, practising meditation as the most popular tool.

With the industrial and technological revolution during the last century, people left the countryside and villages, to move into big cities. To work in factories and offices. Their reasons and purpose might be different from each individual person, but in general terms, a big reason seems to be in search of a better way of life, resulting in economic interest. People were interested in money, growing in social status, and many of them just for survival. This turned to be the opposite, by being slaves to their work, working for living, giving so much importance to the material world that it became superficial; without meaning for many and forgetting other important aspects of life.

The result has been the apparition of many mental disorders, unhappiness and stress. This leads to health imbalances. Western medicine doesn’t solve this problem from the root, as it only works on the symptoms. The root, I really believe, it is the disconnection from nature, and nature means who we are.

To experience who you really are, and to find your purpose in life, it is very useful to practice and keep a meditative state of mind. This means to be in the present, clear and focused, open vision field and perception, awareness of your body and environment, able to be inspired and connected to the cosmos, and to not get confused with other people’s projections.

Meditating is easy and simple, everyone does it even if they are not aware of it. I recommend to start with short periods of time, as often possible during the day; to keep you in the present moment, and release all mental clutter accumulated and external influences overlapping your clarity, and your own one’s created from you.

Meditation is a state of mind, it can occur at any time, without noticing or doing it intentionally. It is not creating an empty mind, away of your thoughts and external noise. It is a letting go of those thoughts, attachments and the ego. Letting go of everything, and surrender. Allowing yourself to be free from mental confusion.

It is being completely in the present moment. When we are thinking, we are in the past, or in a possible future, but it is not possible to be thinking and living the present at the same time. Being present requires attention and awareness to what there is, or focusing on something or nothing, what allows us to experience the now.

It does not require a specific posture. It might be helpful to sit in a Buddha position, or any other that’s convenient keeping your body still, but it can be achieved even while your body is in movement.
It can be passive or active. If is active, your imagination is involved. It might be guided, from someone else, or from yourself.

Apart from a state of silence or guided meditation, it can be done in many ways such us:

– Following and focusing on your breath.

– Focusing on an object, like a candle flame, or any other.

– Hearing the environment, being aware of it.

– Walking, or doing any activity like exercising, dancing, driving, or watching a movie or any scenario.

– Chanting, repeating mantras, voice sound.

The main benefits are:

*self-discovery. This is the main benefit I am focusing on this page, but at the same time by doing meditation you are getting lots of benefits, all of them related, and included in the fact of knowing who you are and being your full potential.

Clear view of reality. Become more lucid and aware. Feeling freedom. Have more clarity, flow easier. Acquiring wisdom. Finding the true answers, accessing to the collective mind, and to the universe. It increases your capacity to resolve any issue and find solutions. It gives you confidentiality, security, inner calm, stay grounded and enjoy the present.


– Simplicity and deep insight. Affects the quality of every moment of your experience. Reinforce positive emotions and faculty of attention. Flow easier with your life. Become more peaceful. Release stress and prevent any kind of conflict, leading toward better quality of life, health and peace.

– In group meditation, has an effect of increasing peace in the world. Also helps to develop human positive qualities in individuals and the collective.

Physical and mental health. Also emotional, reduces anxiety and anger. Has an effect in your body functioning better. Improves balance, and performance. Being centred in your body, it makes you stronger. Strengthens your immune system. Recovers your wellbeing.

– Find happiness. Because it is inside you. The more you think, the further you are from the truth or solution.

– Find success. You need motivation. Laziness is lack of motivation. To be successful is not outside of you, it is not something that you seek outside, if so you would be looking for recognition and this leads to fall down. It’s about how you feel about yourself, appreciation of what you have done and what you can do.

For this, you have to rest your mind for a while, find peace, with yourself and then allow your intuition to take over with clarity and wisdom.

Know where you are, accepting yourself and feeling the gratitude with your being. Connecting with your true self. Find your essence. Develop new positive feelings that increase your energy, and most of all enjoy who you are.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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