What about nutrition? There are certain foods that are better than any others? Which ones?

First of all, I want to reiterate that most important than any diet, is the placebo effect and the power of your mind. What’s best for you, in a certain period of time, might not be the same for any other person. But having a general idea about how to create healthy eating habits, with an easy and simple way, you can increase your well being by:

– Keeping hydrated, having enough water and fasting when appropriate (it can be with liquids, make it personal by adjusting to your needs).
– Including more greens. Get more alkaline foods (most of the fruit and vegetables) and reduce the acidic ones (refined sugar, most of the animal products, processed foods and chemicals).

Regarding the use of cosmetics, if you wouldn’t eat them, because of their toxicity, remember that it does the same effect through your skin.

Be gentle with your body, if you are what you eat, make it more alkaline and you will feel more alive. The effect of this goes beyond physical appearance, improves mood and detox your mind… The rest, you can tell me by your own experience. And please remember, the placebo effect, and the most important thing is to be happy doing what you want.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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