How many people are constantly living in the past? For sure you know a few.

There is nothing wrong with reliving the past, it is just holding in mind a composition of different “memories”; some seem better than others, depending on the position you are, to judge it as good or bad. Also, all that has been told from a while ago, it depends on the speaker/writer position. What the real history was it includes lots of different stories… Which one was true? Depends on the point of view.

From past “mistakes”(giving a definition to the fact of not ending in the most appropriate way) you have experienced, you can see the effect. This cause and effect create an understanding about how things work, how people feel and what’s the most beneficial for yourself and everyone else.

Respect to the free will of people, something so judged and even neglected in certain cultures, it’s primordial for the functioning of human nature. When this is disrespected or manipulated, disharmony appears. I really believe that if everyone feels free, respect others people freedom and honouring life, we would live in a perfect state of ecstasy during our life time. But being in this life, with all its ups and downs, it is very rich in experiences; even the ones that you don’t like, they have a reason for its existence, and it is because sometimes you forget about appreciating and feeling grateful for just the fact of being alive. This explain the purpose of making “mistakes”, you were free to choose it, or maybe not… But next time, you can choose again to act in another way, or the same one; this phenomenon is called Freedom.

Make a New Future

Only by releasing the past, letting it go, you can feel free from the emotions, expectations and consequences of it. The only thing that really matters is the now, the present moment which you are experiencing at this time. This is the place where you can make changes, use your freedom and create whatever you want. Your attitude conditions your present and future, as future is a continuation of the present. Waiting for things to happen, in the future, it cannot occur without previous action (each action it has a pre-action, the action preparation) but if your reaction, before a previous action, is conditioned by past actions or experiences, expecting the same thing to happen, over and over, you keep repeating same patterns and experiences.

How to break this in order to make a different future?

Considering your freedom in regards to your actions, before any action, it was a thought or idea. By feeling free to think, without any preconception or limited belief, you expand your possibilities and playground where to act.

Aligning your wishes with your actions and experiences is the way to mastering your life, and being the owner of your own destiny.


By Raquel
Galactic Rhythm


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